The Quirky Ferret

 Ferret began her dance journey in 2009 studying Egyptian, Turkish,  cabaret & steam punk inspired fusion with Fulya.  When she saw American Tribal Style® belly dance, she realised this was the style for her and searched for training in this dance vocab, becoming hooked. 

A member of the Badra Tribal collective, Ferret went on to study ATS® in New Zealand, and then later took her General Skills & Teacher Training certificates back in the UK, becoming a sister studio for Fat Chance Belly Dance® (The founders of ATS®). 

After falling in love with tribal style, and making best friends with her finger cymbals, Ferret began to take more & more workshops in Tribal Fusion, and making a yearly pilgrimage to Wolverhampton for the Infusion Emporium festival . 

Here Ferret began studying with the extremely talented Alexis Southall & performed in the Juniper Project and the Juniper Collective.  (2014 – 2019)

Ferret is an alumni of the Tribal Fusion Education Program and has taken as many workshops as possible with as many dance teachers as possible in as many styles! #learningisfun! 

She believes strongly in always learning, always being grateful and never giving up. 

Ferret is a certified Integrated Dance  Teacher with Ashley Lopez  

This programme kicked off her passion for anatomy & physiology and after discovering that cross-training was the key to avoiding dance injury (like her rotator cuff injury from constant medial rotation of the humerus bones), Joanna Ferret decided that it was time to leave the IT Support day job and immerse herself in the world of Yoga.

In April 2018 Ferret qualified as a yoga Teacher here in the UK and has been a full time Yoga teacher ever since. She is also a keen climber, hiker and plank challenger!


As well as a belly dancer, and Yoga teacher; Ferret is also a Burlesque performer and has a passion for all things burlesque.