Yoga Ferret

Sheffield Yoga Classes

Ferret teaches her beloved yoga in her hometown of Sheffield. If you would like to take advantage of Ferret’s Sheffield yoga classes why not come along to one of the following;

[click here for Belly dance Classes]

Sundays;  @ The Reach Yoga Studio, Eccy Rd, Sheffield.

5pm – 6.00pm Vinyasa Flow Yoga 

6.30pm – 7.45pm Runners Yoga

8.00 – 9.00pm Yoga Nidra Meditation class 

Monday lunchtime  @ The Reach Yoga Studio, Eccy Rd, Sheffield.

12.00 – 13.00 Strong Core Yoga

To book; visit the studio website; The Reach

Monday Evenings;  @ The Kettle Club Gym; upstairs studio

7pm – 8.00pm Beginners Belly Dance 
8.15pm – 9.15pm Vinyasa Flow Yoga

*** For the month of JANUARY only; 4 weeks, 4 Monday nights; Power Metal vs Power Vinyasa. A fun energetic new years class with vinyasa flow yoga & strength training & yoga shred style cardio. See the facebook event for details. Booking advised for these ones

To book email directly


To book email directly

Tuesdays;  @ The Reach Yoga Studio, Eccy Rd, Sheffield.

07.00 – 08.00 Strong Core Yoga


Wednesday nights ; 6.30pm – 7.30pm Climbers Yoga
Wednesday & Thursday nights ; 8.00pm – 9.00pm Climbers Yoga
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Thursday nights ; 6.30pm – 7.30pm Strong Core Yoga
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Class Descriptions;

Gentle Hatha Yoga

The word Hatha has been adopted by the western world and used to describe any general yoga class where the poses are held for 5-7 breaths per Asana (pose). In my Hatha classes I take my students through a relaxation to focus the breath, mobilisation to get the joints and spine ready for bigger movement, sun salutation sequences to fully mobilise and warm the body followed by the main focus for the class. The main phase of the Hatha class changes each week and every week is ended with a supine cool down and an ending meditation. 

These classes are designed so that the yogi who wants a more gentle, slow paced, mindful hatha class can come and enjoy breathing and holding poses; almost using the class as a movement meditation.

This class is also suitable for complete beginners; if you’ve walked in off the street and you’ve never done yoga before, if you did some yoga once, long ago but have forgotten how, if you’re returning to yoga following a long break from exercise or if you just want to see what all the fuss is about without any pressure to stand on your head or “look good” ; then this delightful class is for you. 

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Depending on the location / class; The Vinyasa Flow Yoga class is 60-75 minutes long.

From a typical class you can expect a mixture of both “Hatha” and “Vinyasa” style yoga. Modern yoga classes consider Hatha style to be the slow paced, broken down and fully explained, held-for-a-few-rounds-of-breath type style. Whereas ‘Vinyasa’ (‘to place with purpose’) works with the breath to create a flowing movement of poses that link together in a sequence called a Vinyasa Flow.

It is also especially good for dancers who want to bring a fluid, strong, graceful energy to their performances; flowing with yoga is a dance in itself. Whilst the final flow section of class can be a faster pace, this is a very inclusive supportive environment where you can take any variation you need. Every class starts with mobilisation, pranayama practice, classic sun salutations, the theme of the week’s flow, seated postures, a supine twist and a relaxation meditation to close. We move slowly to start off with and break down the poses we are ‘flowing’ through, so this slow flow is suitable for beginners. On Sundays at the Reach, the flow class is slow paced. On Monday night’s at the kettle club, the Flow class has a weekly theme which changes each week. The B-Yoga classes are less spiritual and more of a workout. 

Runners Yoga

Runners Yoga is a 60 minute class aimed specifically at runners; however this class will benefit ANYONE; so all are welcome. 

We will focus on heart openers and balance work and deep focused stretches for the hamstrings and quadriceps and strength work for the knees and ankles. Everything a runner needs.

This is a very inclusive supportive environment where you can take any variation you need; be that the easy option or the more advanced progression. so don’t worry if you’re not flexible! Stiff runners welcome!


The class entails a yoga warm up, targeting hamstrings with the aid of a strap. A full body mobilisation and then sun salutations to fully warm up your spine and limbs. We will stretch, tone, flow in Vinyasa, hold poses, challenge ourselves, sweat and breathe and find ourselves on the mat – I can’t wait for yoga playtime with you.

The Pranayama work we’ll do in our flow section will assist you in your chosen sports to perform better off the mat; be that on the climbing wall or running your favourite trail.

The type of people who would enjoy this class are those who are sporty, energetic, love running or just love a challenge. If you like a gentle push and the chance to work hard and stretch deep – this one is for you.

The benefits of this class are strength, improved mobility, agility, improved balance work both static and moving, a stabilised core structure and a happy mind.

Strong Core Yoga (Yoga & Pilates for a strong core) 

Combining a Hatha style Yoga class with some of the best core work exercises from Pilates; this class includes a mobilisation warm up, followed by abdominal work, core strengthening, stabilising the hip joint, toning the legs, working the back muscles and stretching out everything we’ve worked at the end. This class uses strong sequences of yoga Asana to challenge the core. Conditioning the deep core muscles using poses in an interesting way (it’s not just an hour of plank!)

By taking this class, you’ll find that your performance in your regular yoga practice, handstand / headstand work or sport of choice will greatly improve. Pilates focuses on strength and rehabilitation and stabilisationExpect to leave class with stronger abdominal muscles and a sense of achievement.

Yoga Nidra Meditation class 

A 60 minute Yoga Nidra class to quieten the mind and bring your busy weekend to a close.

** What is Yoga Nidra? **
“Yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning “union” and Nidra means “dream”. Therefore, in Yoga Nidra the mind of the individual, the body and the intellect are in a complete state of relaxation and may even seem to be sleeping, but in reality, their consciousness is active and functioning at a higher level deep. In a person’s yoga dream they are taught how to get out of the waking state, go beyond the dream state and even go into deep sleep, but nevertheless stay awake.”

People have joked about yoga Nidra being basically organised adult sleeping. But apparently; 1 hour of yoga Nidra is the equivalent to 4 hours deep restful sleep.

** What can you expect from a Yoga Nidra class? **
We’ll begin with some mobilisation for the body to stretch and ease out your joints. We’ll do a few rounds of Surya Namaskara (sun salutations) and then when the body is happy and mobile, we’ll take it to the mat and lie supine for the meditation section.
Ferret will guide the class through the meditation which includes a full body scan and mindfulness practice.
This is done whilst essential oils are being diffused and relaxing music is played.
At the end of the guided meditation Ferret will play her traditional handmade Nepalese singing bowls and sing a soothing mantra chant.

** Why Yoga Nidra? **
Benefits of Yoga Nidra
• Deep skeletal-muscular relaxation, removal of blockages and physical pain.
• Balance of the nervous system and increase the production of endorphins, the hormones of happiness, and on the other hand lower levels of immunosuppressants, noradrenaline and cortisol.
• Reduction of the rhythm of our brain waves and harmonization of the two hemispheres.
• Stress relief, depression, anxiety, insomnia, headache, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, hypertension.
• One hour of yoga Nidra practice equals four hours of natural sleep.
• Development and use of non-analytical mind for personal growth purposes.
• Mental reprogramming and proposal of objectives.
• Increased learning capabilities, memory, intuition, creativity.
• Spontaneous manifestation of our inner potential and our resources.
• Cleansing of the subconscious and limiting memories.
• Lucidity to deal with conflicting situations.
• Deep meditative states.
• Expansion of altered states of mind.
• Integral harmonization.

** What should you bring to class? **
All mats and bolsters and equipment is provided by the beautiful studio here at the Reach, however you can bring any pillows, blocks or cushions you have that are your favourite for lying down. It is not necessary for the class, but some people find it helpful.
Handmade Lavender eye bags will be provided for everyone.
Also; herbal tea is provided after class.

…And when you’re done stretching out and working it out on the mat; those aching muscles will be in good hands if you can get yourself down to the Hillsborough based massage wizard Kelly D at the Rock, Run, Relax treatment room. This knowledgeable gentleman is like a muscle whisperer and comes highly recommended from both myself and everyone I know who has ever spent time under his skillful hands. Hit him up for an appointment; you can even book in online via his website.


Q: I’m not flexible – does that mean I cannot do yoga?

Neither am I! Next question. 

Seriously though… this is a complete myth that you need to be flexible to do yoga. People who are not at all flexible will find that yoga classes improve their flexibility. People who are hypermobile / very flexible , will find that yoga classes help to build strength and stability to support their joints. You only really need to be alive and breathing and able to move to do yoga. We all have our own challenges physically, and we’re all different, so our bodies will all move in different ways and look different in the poses. 

Q: What should I wear to class?

You should come dressed in comfortable clothing that you can move in.  You need to be dressed appropriately (a mini skirt and high heels wouldn’t be a sensible idea for example!) it is a good idea to test your clothing out before coming to class; can you bend over in it? can you lift your leg / move your legs around? if you bend over does your top fall down and create your own little tent around your head!?

For an idea; I wear leggings, a sports bra and a vest / tight fitting top that wont roll up / down as I move. ….and a smile! x

Q: What should I bring?

Definitely bring water. You should make sure you drink plenty of water before class starts so that you’re hydrated and do stop to drink throughout if you feel you need to. You’re welcome to bring your own Yoga mat if you like, although the Reach studio, Depot Climber centre studio, Kettle Club & B-Yoga studio have their own mats you can use.

If you have a yoga block or strap you like to use, feel free to bring these too (equipment like this is provided at all classes).

Q: What footwear should I wear?

Personally I prefer either barefoot, or using ‘yogi socks’ (basically cutting the toes and sometimes the heels too out of a pair of socks so that you can use the toes to grip. I wouldn’t recommend using full socks as these can cause you to slip and fall. You may wear these at your own risk if you’d prefer however.

Some Yogi’s like to wear socks with grip. Know that this is your choice, but not what I would recommend.

Q: Does it matter that I have never done any yoga before?

Not at all! I will look after you! Everyone has to learn somewhere and I remember when I started out it took me 6 months just to get anywhere near to being able to finish a class! (Child’s pose was my friend in the beginning). EVERYONE is welcome, young, old, beginner, advanced, big, small, etc, etc . Know that everyone will be at a different level, but we’re all in it together.

Q: What happens if I get tired / don’t feel up to it?

Sometimes life / stress / illness can get in the way and often coming to a class can be a welcome break from this. However, if in the middle of one of my classes you feel you cannot carry on, don’t feel bad about sitting out for a moment or perhaps for the rest of the class. Sometimes all you need is a quick child’s pose moment and then you can jump back into the class to join the others. You can always move at your own pace.

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