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Moving forward

Day 10 – Day 13

It’s been a while since I made a video… but i’ve been ridiculously busy.

Luckily I have been busy doing excellent things that I love (dancing mostly) and singing with my band – we had our first full band practice since our EP launch and it felt good to be writing music again.

Paul and I went for a walk with his mum & their dog Tia (cute podgy staffy dog). We went for a “nice easy 1 hour stroll” in the peak district – which turned into a 3 hour hike through boggy marshy peaks and tretourous down hill slippy ness – but it was fun. I ended saturday (day 11) on 27,000 steps.

Day 9 truly was a naughty day. And although both my meals were vegan, they were also oily as, and i’m pretty sure chinese curry mixed vegetables has sugar in the curry sauce (it actually tasted sweet to me!).

So on Friday – day 10 I woke up with new blemishes on my face and neck… for the first time in 10 days after my skin really was getting much better. I couldn’t believe that the introduction of ‘regular’ meals and oil, salt, etc just for 1 day could do so much damage to my skin.

I had a glass of red wine with my evening vegan curry and rice ; and found that my sleep quality that night was poor and I only got 1 hour of ‘deep sleep’ (though my doctor has told me that fitbit sleep monitors are bullshit).

I had some mayonnaise on Saturday with my sweet-potato wedges (pub lunch with the mother in law) and i realised mayonnaise is so sugary! so I have fallen off the band wagon a bit – but found out some interesting things in the process.

Back at work for a 2nd week of the mono meals and I have basically integrated normal meals back into my life now… but still veggie and still no sugar or salt or refined foods.

I made 2 pasta dishes with fresh pasta – which means they contain a bit of egg – so not vegan.

  1. pasta + free-from Pesto + potatoes. (nothing else – just that)
  2. pasta + tomato & basil herbs + peppers (raw)

These i am eating cold throughout the week as salads.

so, not strictly mono and bend a few rules, but I’m still enjoying the lack of meat and the avoidance of sugar. I am however bringing back caffiene this week in the form of a morning coffee – but after lunch its decaf. I have bought some decaf coffee and some fruit sugar syrup made only from dates (100% date nectar) – which tastes… ok… but it curdles my coconut milk, so i might just leave it out. I’m basically really missing my coffee with syrup and stuff – so trying to find a decaf sugar free dairy free alternative that works.

I will continue to report how I get on with eating and my thoughts for about another week or so before concluding. On the morning of day 13 – i weighed 51.4kg which is 113.3176 pounds (so although I have put a teeny bit of weight back on… I’m still only 2.3lbs off my ‘happy weight’) xx