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Minimalist. Yogi. Vegan. Week 1

  1. The minimalist Game days 1-7 #MinsGame.

What is the minimalist game? From ;   “We call it the 30-Day Minimalism Game.  Here’s how it works…

Find a friend or family member: someone who’s willing to get rid of their excess stuff. This month, each of you must get rid of one thing on the first day. On the second, two things. Three items on the third. So forth, and so on. Anything can go! Clothes, furniture, electronics, tools, decorations, etc. Donate, sell, or trash. Whatever you do, each material possession must be out of your house—and out of your life—by midnight each day.”


On day 1;

I got rid of 1 Nail art kit (there’s actually A LOT of items in the bag – but I’m counting it as 1 kit, as I basically never have time to paint my nails in patterns, etc anymore; so, it has all been donated and given away in 1 bag).

On day 2; I got rid of 2 egg poaching cups;

On day 3; I got rid of 3 coffee making devices (I still have a percolator at home and an Areopress machine at work for coffee, and yet I had these 3 cafetiere things too!)

On day 4; I got rid of 4 useless kitchen items (non of which i have touched in 12 months)

On day 5; I got rid of 5 mugs. I had actually already cleared out 20 mugs and glasses before I even started this game, AND about 5 x car loads of clothes and stuff to charity… but …you know, I have alot of crap. so these 5 mugs actually were the ones i had decided to keep in the first cull, but the homeless shelter needs mugs waaay more than I do.


On day 6; I got rid of 6 spoons (which i’m counting as 1 item), 4 more surplus kitchen items I don’t use AND a big purple vase, that I like, but  considering the amount I don’t actually get fresh flowers – I certainly don’t need more than 1 vase.  

On day 7; I got rid of 7 things; a 6 hole hole punch, a dead plant I had been denying was actually dead, an attic wall full of posters and photos (counting as 1 item; 1 bin bag full), a pack of playing cards, an inflatable purple unicorn, a pair of wellies and a big pack of serviettes

This minimalist game is easier than I thought actually… and i’m looking forward to getting rid of more things…. I reckon I could play for 2 months! (bold words for week 1)


This month of January 2017 I have signed up to Veganuary “Veganuary aims to reduce the suffering of animals by inspiring and supporting people across the globe to go vegan for the month of January”

I have never been vegan, though a lot of people think I am… I went full vegetarian in October 2016 after my husband had been veggie for a year already (…try as I might, I never could shake the urge to eat roast chicken), and I am intolerant to dairy… so really – I guess this is kind of cheating since In order to ‘go vegan’ for January I need only avoid eggs, honey and the odd bit of goats cheese from my usual diet.

However – I am going to give veganism a bloody good go and post my thoughts and food findings etc.  I will be trying out some vegan recipes and seeing what lovely things I can make.

Check out the website’s recipes

Shepherds Pie

This week’s vegan option that I enjoyed was a vegan shepherds pie. Instead of just lentils I used lentils and mung beans. It took some getting used to but was tasty and it felt better to be eating this way instead of consuming quorn products (I’ve never really been a fan of the fake meat alternative) I sprinkled some vegan cheese on top of the mash potato and I used vitalite vegan spread and almond milk to make a creamy mash. I would definitely do this one again.

This week’s favourite ‘vegan swap out’ is maple syrup. I enjoy honey in my tea as an alternative to processed sugar… however, honey is not acceptable to vegans. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do for this one – but then I found that maple syrup is both natural and suitable for vegans! horaay!

Yoga Revolution

Another thing I have decided to do in January is the Yoga revolution  Adriene writes; “An offering for both body and mind, this program invites all humans to create a sustainable at home yoga practice that serves. I offer prompts for meditation and modifications for beginners to intermediate and advanced yogis. You’ll get sculpted, you’ll gain awareness. But, be prepared to not only see, but feel massive results.  REVOLUTION is an invitation for new beginnings, transformation and a true celebration of the power we receive when we are true to ourselves. ” 

REVOLUTION: 31 DAYS OF YOGA starts Jan. 1, 2017. Go to for a free downloadable calendar and daily email. Let’s do this!
Sign up at to get the downloadable calendar and Daily email!

Week 1 has seen us move through;

1 – Practice Ease

Day 1 was brilliant for my achy body. Designed I think to ease people in to a practice of yoga after partying for new years, I was aching after a 2 hour hike around the peak district, so my calves and ankles were very unhappy. This quick 20 minute practice only had 1 plank and 1 down dog, which was good because with all the house re-arranging Paul and I have done recently, my right wrist is playing up too.

2 – Practice Intention

Day 2 we did alot of plank and down dog today, but… I almost feel like she tricked me into it! We passed through plank and down dog as breaths of intentional movement throughout the other poses we were doing. There was a delicious shoulder opener which felt sooo good for my tight, previously injured shoulders. There was a flow to this practice that I really enjoyed, I felt energised and happy at the end of it – Note to self: this is a really good one to go back to.

3 – Honour Practice
I got up at 5.15am to do day 3… only to find it hadn’t been released. so.. I did day 2 again (I really did enjoy it). Then later before bed, I felt too sick to do anything… so I actually ended up doing my day 3 Honour practice during my lunch break at work on day 4… which was eye opening and brilliant. My work has a gym. My job allows me to take a full hour for lunch. These are both new concepts for me. being able to do Yoga at work was really incredible.

4 – Prana Practice 
So having already done a 30min yoga practice at lunch, I decided to do this practice before bed, in my fluffy PJs. There was a deep inner breathing exercise which was warming and tiring (and fun!) so it turned out to be the perfect thing to do before bed. I really really enjoyed visualising the energy prana through my body and thinking of the plum line as an energy line through my spine.

5 – Practice Rhythm
I found this one really fun. I’m so glad no one burst in to the work gym whilst I was ‘finding my rhythm’ on the mat. I have a dear friend who is doing this practice too and she is introvert in nature – I imagined doing this practice in a room with her and her being very sensible and attentive during one part; and me being a big crazy fool… it made me laugh. it also made me think about our friendship and how the differences between us make us stronger as we love and accept each other just the way the other person is (I really do love her to millions of bits even though i’m a crazy hippy to her and she is a space-geek science girl to me).

6 – Attention (And Abs) Practice
… really challenging for me as the previous 5 days of plank and down-dog on my injured shoulders without any kind of rest day has been difficult. I had to do a shoulder opener pose instead of the down-dog leg flippy stuff and my side plank was a modified knee version. but I didn’t stop and I am eager to keep going and know that I will get stronger with time and acceptance. Because this is important. I’m glad I stuck with the practice and joined back in when I could rather than just giving up as soon as I found I couldn’t commit to a pose. Honour where you’re at today taught me that.

7 – Stability Practice

Today, I did the stability practice whilst a 1yr old baby tugged at my PJs and crawled a figure 8 around my warrior 2 and I laughed the whole way through. I’ve been visiting my father and sister down south this weekend and my sister has a baby girl who was determined to join me for yoga. It was funny. Which says something about my mindset right now.


Week 1 final thoughts

Well, so far I have got rid of a few things, 28 to be exact, and whilst that might sound like alot… it really doesn’t feel like alot. I can already see many things i’d like to donate or get rid of. This is going to be an interesting month. Especially since I have already removed ALOT of my belongings before xmas!
Being vegan this week hasn’t been hard at all. I am aware however that I do love goats cheese and so i’m just waiting for that time when my pizza cravings get too much. I’m thinking of making this a gluten free challenge too – just to push the bar a little more.

The biggest change for me is the #yogarevolution daily practices.
I spent the month of December doing zero exercise or dance or anything movement related. Im aching all over from the work and the aggravation of old injuries…. But it feels good. Ive even done freestyle yoga some evenings. I am enjoying the journey and I hope it continues….



Take Care little kittens xxx