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Minimalist. Yogi. Vegan. Week 2

The minimalist Game days 8 – 14 #MinsGame.

On day 8; I got rid of 8 Pantera items; (when I got rid of all my CDs I kept only a few – 80% of that few were Pantera CDs. at the time I just couldn’t bare to part with them, but now i realise that everything i play is digital and so I don’t need to hang on to these anymore.

On day 9; I got rid of 9 burlesque dress up items, fascinators etc. I used to be a burlesque performer. I haven’t done this in 2 years and don’t feel the need to hang on to so much costume when I may only do this type of thing once a year or so…

On day 10; I got rid of 10 hangers (there were actually about 40 hangers but i photographed 10 for today!

On day 11; I got rid of 11 lingerie sets

On day 12; I got rid of 12 comic books
Tank girl is my favourite – but I never read these , so why keep them?

On day 13; I got rid of 13 wooden things;

These mushrooms are all super cute, but again – just dust gatherers, and the Russian dolls were something I wanted so so badly as a child… but then when I finally got a set, they didn’t bring me the joy I thought they would, sure… its nice to have them – but in asking myself the question “do they make my life better” the answer is “not really”

On day 14; I got rid of 14 items of clothing ( 5 cardigans, a skirt, 8 dresses)

Are you playing the minimalist game? what have you got rid of?


This month of January 2017 I have signed up to Veganuary “Veganuary aims to reduce the suffering of animals by inspiring and supporting people across the globe to go vegan for the month of January”

i went to visit my sister & my dad at the weekend and my dad said he was doing the “whole 30” diet. I surprised both my dad and sister by showing them they can eat healthy and RAW VEGAN and it still be yummy and filling. I myself was sceptical of this ; but here is my new favourite vegan meal;

using a spiraliser ; spiralize 2 courgettes into ‘courgetti’

in a blender (i used a nutribullet – so i added a half cup of water) blend up the following;

squeeze of lemon, 2 handfuls of fresh basil, 2 cloves of fresh garlic, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 2 ripe avocados, and some salt & pepper to taste.

then mix the sauce into the courgetti;

garnish with seeds and raw red pepper if you like. (really yummy)

Another thing I have enjoyed is making my own pizza with tomato puree, herbs, peppers and vegan cheese (yep its a thing) – I used violife slices. it was actually pretty tasty. I recommend using paprika to spice it up a bit.

I enjoyed it so much it gave me the confidence to go out and eat vegan pizza made by others; this is from Zizzis – who are supporting veganuary offering 2 4 1 on all vegan mains (how cool is that!?)

Yoga revolution 

Week 2 has seen us move through;

8 – Practice Serenity
this was funny for me, because I did the “serenity” practice with a child grabbing me and bringing me washing to pile on top of me and my little sister moaning about how everything hurt!

9 – Empower Practice
Phew! sweat! this one was really enjoyable, lots of movement, flowing through many plank poses and at the end we tried out the crow pose – I am not there yet, but I tried and i’m proud of myself for giving it a go. I’m learning with the daily practice to not do what I used to do which was “oh, I can’t do this yoga pose, so fuck it… i’m going to just give up”

10 – Thoughtful Practice
I actually really used this one as a meditative practice I did right before bed time and i fell asleep right away. It made me focus on all of my body and all of the movements and how each part feels. and that cleared my mind.

11 – Align Practice
Oh boy did I need this one. I was feeling grumpy from work and irritated, after this practice I felt calm and aligned with the type of person I actually want to me rather than the reactionary one who is pissed off at work/ life dramas.

12 – In Sync Practice
Yep. spend the day singing N-sync and smiling to myself. (I actually struggled a bit today with my busy head space to connect and synchronize my breath to the video. I found I was always on an exhale when she spoke of a big inhale… Has anyone else felt that?).

13 – Practice Opening
oh. wow.
I have really closed hips that grumble at every single opening pose in yoga and in dance practice. The email that Adriene send to us for today’s practice spoke about emotionally connecting and that things might “come up” after all this opening. I did this practice on Friday night before bed and the whole of Saturday i was emotional and had no explanation for it. It was only during the forgiveness practice that I remembered her email words…

14 – Forgiveness Practice
Yep Yep… I needed this. all the stretches were so welcome as my body is beginning to feel like it has been working too hard. everything aches and I kept thinking “I need a rest day” Then BAM! today’s practice. Even though we were stretching and moving and there were a couple of down-dogs and a forearm plank sprinkled in, these felt good in-between all the long stretchy poses. I especially enjoyed coming up from the foot twisted forward fold, I wouldn’t have thought I could do that, but squeeze those inner thighs and woooo hooo! I’m up! It was a good feeling.

Final thoughts for this week;

That’s alot of stuff I jettisoned this week.
I got rid of alot of items I was hanging on to either for sentimental reasons such as the Pantera stuff (trust me, they’re still one of my favourite bands, I just really don’t need the physical CDs anymore). And then there was the burlesque outfits and accessories. I kept each of these items “just in case” I needed them, for a burlesque performance I haven’t done in years. My last burlesque performance was over 2 years ago. I have kept some pieces I liked that I felt would serve me best, so I do have 1 or 2 lingerie sets I have decided to keep, but these are less for the ‘just in case’ reasons that everything else was sticking around for.

This got me thinking… there are alot of items I have in my house which I am keeping in case I need them for a performance. I’m a dancer, and I have been in the past a burlesque performance, and I’m also in a band. But who knows the next time I will do a performance that requires me to have a goth look, or a tiny top hat, of feathers, of a little lolita look… the list goes on. Its feeling like my spare room is an over flowing costume shop – that’s making no money. I have a friend who runs a burlesque stall selling all kinds of burlesque items, and now she has all of mine so she can make some money off of my hoarding. It felt like a weight had been lifted when I said to myself finally; “you know what, …you’re not a burlesque performer anymore, concentrate on dance, that’s where your passion is”. It also felt good to give the stuff away rather than trying to sell it myself. I hope she makes some good money on those items.

Being vegan this week has been easy – i’m finding that I’ve only had to deny myself once – some chorizo sausages that were veggie, but, contained egg. I *could* have just said “oh well, no one is watching” (whatever that means right?) and eaten them…

So I guess, this blog is great for me to keep myself accountable with regards to removing away items from my life with the minimalist game, doing daily yoga practices and staying vegan… but what really matters are those moments where we’re tired and want to go to bed, but we still do the yoga. When we’re hungry for cheese but we still seek out the vegan option. when we feel the fear of letting go of an item we were hanging on to, but we let go anyway, knowing that we’re going to be fine without it…



Take Care little kittens xxx