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Minimalist. Yogi. Vegan. Week 4

The minimalist Game days 22 – 28 #MinsGame.

On day 22; I got rid of 22 things; 10 unwanted store cards / bank cards & 1 pinsentry device for a closed account, a plushie kapibara (Paul calls it ‘the foot’ …lol), A box full of sea shells I collected, an airbrush & the equipment that goes with another 2nd airbrush i had but lost the airbrush gun (so basically, the power pack), 2 purple paper lanterns, a hat shelf we never installed,3 of the 4 hats you can see pictured (I kept the Trilby) a fairy picture and a pretty notebook. …phew!

On day 23; I got rid of 23 things; A presentation folder full of qualifications, a note book, 2 x packs of fancy tissues from Japan, 2x rocks, 1 pantera watch and 17 Japanese nicknacks (including a sake drinking box from new years 2011)

On day 24; I got rid of 24 more books;

On day 25; I got rid of 25 things; a photo album full of sentimental photos (which I will scan, and then recycle), 16x loose sentimental photos, 2 x fans, a studio ghibli box, a rubber unicorn eraser, a tin FILLED with buttons, a black square lamp shade, a school photo, a salt rock lamp.


On day 26; I got rid of 26 things; a wedding day hat, 8 glass figures (only 6 pictured), 8 more DVDs, xmas lights, 6x glass jars, a funky pen, (25 things – need 1 more)

On day 27; I got rid of 27 things. 4 boots (I bought 1 new pair in order to give up 4 pairs to charity) 11 crochet hooks & 11 balls of yarn (not pictured – I taught a workshop in crochet and cleared out all my excess hooks (i had alot!) and gave away 11balls of yarn (i still have alot left!). 2 more (huge) balls of yarn and another crochet hook – went to my friend Chrissy along with a black Denby jet mug (again – i gave them to her and didn’t get pictures). That’s actually 29 things. so we can call those last 2 big balls of yarn a freebie.

On day 28; I got rid of 28 things ; A Pantera neon light sign, a phone tripod, 4cds, a book of vouchers, a dreadlock, a platted lock of hair, 2 crystals, a domo-kun bag, a grey fox hat. 4 bindis.  15 pieces of china. (that’s 30 things)


This month of January 2017 I have signed up to Veganuary “Veganuary aims to reduce the suffering of animals by inspiring and supporting people across the globe to go vegan for the month of January”

I think that this week the most vegan thing I have eaten (or rather, the thing I have eaten the most this week) is the ‘super green smoothie’ spinach, kale, flax seeds, banana and ginger. sometimes i add cherry, sometimes i add some seeds, but essentially its lots of greens. I’m sick this week and healing a tattoo so my body is struggling. these have definitely got me through…

I’ve also had alot of basmati rice and stir fried veg in coconut oil and garlic. Not very exciting… but my body has been happy with it.

Some of my favourite smoothie “Nutriblast” combinations have been;

  • Pear, Plum, Persimmon & Pineapple (All the P’s!)
  • Coconut water, chai seeds & pear (good for clearing you out if you know what I mean!)
  • Spinach, Kale, Ginger, Banana & a few dates.
  • Almond & cashew butter, almond milk, flax seeds, banana & cacao powder. (the protein shake!)

Yoga revolution

Week 4 has seen us move through;

22 – Gentle Practice
phew… after a very exhausting weekend fighting off illness and dealing with weak wrists from all the yoga so far – having a gentle rest day was so important. I’m glad I managed to do it instead of just going to bed, I definitely feel like it helped me sleep. My head was full and needed clearing.

23 – Discipline Practice
I did this on my lunch break and afterwards I actually felt awesome – for about 3 hours, before my body remembered I was sick and I felt progressively more crappy as the day went on. I love doing yoga alone at work. It feels like i’m working on my body strength as well as working on clearing my mind. My favourite move from today was the plank – surprisingly! I usually hate plank, but today I felt strong and brilliant during my planks. (wow).

24 – Practice Patience
I felt so sick today… I nearly didn’t do the yoga. I was so close to going to bed without doing it. But… I’m so glad my stubborn discipline got me through – because whilst I was practising today’s yoga, it was the first time I hadn’t felt sick all day. I went to bed feeling happy – even though today’s practice involved a whole bunch of stuff I cannot yet do – i was at bus stop 1 of the 4 bus stops (options) she gave us when working towards the elephant pose;

I was able to fully practice PATIENCE and breath in my variation towards the pose. My shoulders and hips aren’t open enough *yet* for me to achieve this, and so now I have a marker to work towards and something to look back on and feel proud of.

25 – Root Practice
his was another practice I didn’t manage until right before bed (I’ve gotta get better at time management). I found that during today’s practice I felt really powerful. Strong. Like i’m starting to feel comfortable in my body (all this whilst i’m sick as hell and unable to shake a cold….). I felt like I wanted to be in staff pose and stretch and I added my own vinyasa flow to parts of this… I just felt like I wanted extra today, which is unlike me, I’m often trying to just get as little done as possible (what can I say i’m a lazy Taurus). My little break through today was in ‘Tree’. I have found that my right foot doesn’t rest well in my top inner thigh – whereas my left foot can stay there for days – but today i gave my top inner left thigh an extra “come-on-you-can-do-it” squeeze, and whaddaya know – I was able to stay steady and grounded and lifted (oxymoron?) during the right leg lift of tree. Happy ferret.

26 – Creativity Practice
 don’t quite know what happened during this practice – but suddenly it was the end and I was like…. “surely not….?” oh………… ok.

I could have gone on…. I think I switched my thinking brain off!

27 – Self Practice
I enjoyed moving from the solar plexus and actually found the balancing poses easier to get in to when I thought about “moving from a place of connect” (as soon as I realised that connect meant solar plexus) I use this area alot in meditation when I’m trying to calm anxiety and so this was cool. Today was a weird day. I woke up sick, got sicker as the day went on, and then suddenly in the evening after watching a TV series with my husband and sorting through some charity donations – I’m wide awake, with enough energy to attempt yoga (and get all the way through the practice with an added up-dog I might add!). I’m finding it strange that I can be sick and weak and limp all day and then at night – when I should be asleep… BAM! I’m awake and firey.

28 – Heart Practice
I decided to do my yoga first thing in the morning after my oil pulling, not just because I had a busy day ahead and I was worried if I would actually fit it in this evening (i’m staying with Alexis Southall to attend her TFEP training)… but, I wanted to see how my day went and how my body would feel if I did my yoga in the morning instead of last thing before bed.  The difference was interesting; I felt like I had energy and I made love to my husband straight after (too much share?). doing the heart opening was at times easy for me as a dancer my chest is always lifted… however… I can’t do the “lay back” move in ATS tribal style, and to be honest, I have always just said “nope, not safe” and never tried. However, today’s camel pose, although I wasn’t anywhere near touching my heels… I felt like “you know what, with regular safe yoga practice, perhaps anything is achievable”.

It’s time to stop using the work “can’t ” with my body and change it up to – I’m working with it, we’re just not there yet, and that’s cool… we’re on our journey. I can get behind being on a journey towards a stronger fitter body. Rather than having arbitrary goals set up for seemingly unreachable end game… having a daily goal of “lets move stronger than yesterday” and being patient enough to honour the days when my body just needs a rest and isn’t feeling strong … and that’s okay too.


Final Thoughts for week 4.

I’ve been doing this thing for 4 weeks. 4 x 7 days. For 3 weeks out of the 4 I have been fighting off a nasty cold. My body has ached every day – and I have no way of knowing if it was flu-like symptoms or just the daily ass-whooping I have been giving my body with yoga (I have never done any form of exercise every day – without rest days, until now).

Call it detoxing symptoms, die-off (if you’ve ever done a full candida diet, you’ll know that terminology well, and I haven’t been having much refined foods lately), call it being unlucky and catching the office cold that EVERYONE seems to have right now… but essentially, I have been through hell with my body this month, and got a tattoo in the middle of it all (as if my body wasn’t trying to heal enough… i’ll just give it this really violent stabbing to deal with too). Its almost as if I have beaten the shit out of myself for 4 weeks… and yet I feel like this is the most self-care, self-love, respect and adoration I have ever granted myself to show towards….myself…ever.

I’m being careful what I put IN my body, I’m being careful what I use ON my body too. On day 26 I started the practice of ‘oil pulling’. I have had bleeding gums for years since once upon a time I was a chain smoker, and although I have had some ‘goodtimes’ my gums mostly bleed everyday. Despite brushing, flossing, using mouthwash, etc. so – every morning, I take a little block of coconut oil & cloves + peppermint essential oils and I melt that block in my mouth and swish it around for as long as I can take. You’re supposed to aim for 20mins, but the urge to swallow is just too huge – and you mustn’t, you have to spit out the oil, and all the bacteria from your mouth it has collected, into the bin (not the sink!). I will report back after I have been oil pulling for a month and see how I feel / whether it has made a difference.

see the recipe i’m using here I have made my own deodorant and so far so good. I used it for the first time on day 27 and went the whole day without any odor. Again, I will continue to use this and report back. I am however a little worried about the fact that the coconut oil based deodorant, set into an empty deodorant case, turned to oily liquid immediately after coming into contact with my skin, and this is not going to be a good option to take on holiday to somewhere warm – so i’ll be researching a new recipe soon.

see the recipe i’m using here – however – this recipe I found after trying it out, was waaaay too salty and i’m not sure which ingredient was the culprit (probably the bicarb of soda) but my gums bled like crazy, burned and then the next day looked very sore and sorry for themselves. I will continue to tweak this recipe until I can find something that works for me and then report back.



Take Care little kittens xxx