What is ATS®?

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My favourite youtube video gives a great idea of the magic of ATS® dance
ATS stands for American Tribal Style®. It is a form of improvisational belly dance created by Carolena Nericcio; the director of a dance company called Fat Chance Belly Dance®.
Rather than the dancers standing in a line and performing a choreographed dance to a piece of music, American Tribal Style® dancers learn a set of pre-defined moves; a vocabulary of moves, which have different ques to tell each dancer which move is coming next. The dancers will stand in a formation where there is a clear lead dancer who chooses a move and the following dancers will follow this move. The lead dancer will use various ques and transitional movements to give the following dancers an idea of which move is coming next.

The lead dancer can choose to change the lead by moving formation and handing it over to another dancer, or, depending on the formation and positioning – another dancer can take the lead and become the new lead dancer choosing the moves.

The ATS® moves are all performed in a specific way and this dance form is almost like learning another language. It is fun to dance, beautiful to watch, addictive, and quite magical to think that the slight turn of a head or flick of a wrist can enable all dancers in the performance to appear to be moving as one – many audiences will assume that the dancers have practiced this routine before… whilst in reality the dance is being ‘made up as you go along’ and is a very organic one-off performance.

Often ATS® dancers dance with finger cymbals / zills on their fingers to play a rhythm along with the steps they’re dancing. This is challenging but very rewarding and adds something extra special to a performance.

This coupled with the fact that with ATS® as a dance format – you can fly to the other side of the world, meet sometime you’ve never seen before & don’t even share the same spoken language; and get up on stage and dance like you’ve been practicing together for years… this for me is the magic of ATS®.