The Dancing Ferret

Movement is a Healer

For me, movement is a healer. When you cannot speak your truth, or perhaps your head is ‘too full’ or when you just cannot find any words to articulate how you feel, sometimes all we have is the gestures and body language we create through movement. I find that when I get overwhelmed, sometimes I… Read More Movement is a Healer

Health & Wellbeing

What triggers anxiety?

In the same way that not all OCD sufferers have an issue with constant hand washing (although that is a common one) Anxiety suffers aren’t all ‘triggered’ by the same types of situations or events. It can be difficult for non-anxiety sufferers to fully understand anxiety, so with this post I hope to shed some… Read More What triggers anxiety?

Health & Wellbeing

What is CBT?

CBT Stands for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. CBT uses the idea that your thoughts influence your feelings – so; what you think in your mind, will then control how you feel emotionally. Therefore, by learning to acknowledge, accept and then challenge your thoughts; you can then influence whether or not those thoughts have an effect on… Read More What is CBT?