Movement is a Healer

For me, movement is a healer.

When you cannot speak your truth, or perhaps your head is ‘too full’ or when you just cannot find any words to articulate how you feel,

sometimes all we have is the gestures and body language we create through movement.

I find that when I get overwhelmed, sometimes I just need to move to a piece of music which speaks to me.

This video I made today after a dear friend linked me to a track that they thought I might like. They were correct, of course. I listened to it a few times and then just set my phone in the corner of the attic and moved.

In the interest of healing… I used dance improvisation to move my body. I listened to the music and reacted to how it made me feel like moving and I just moved. No makeup, no costume, no plan… Just reacting to the music. I may develop this further… But right now; this is for the ones who love. Xxx

Check out the video;

check out the band;

Thank you for watching. x