Dancing at my favourite Hafla

A little while ago I had the opportunity to perform at one of my favourite haflas (belly dance party) and I did the following 2 performances;

A solo I created with a zills – a choreography (which i never normally do – I usually rely on improvisation, as I often forget choreography!) and my first ever zill composition.

I wore my hair down for this one (which again I never normally do) but I like the way it bounces during the saidi hops during the 5,5,5,5 rhythm (at 2mins 10 secs). The dance was originally created for the Tribal Fusion Education Programme run by Alexis Southall which I would highly recommend anyone go for (you learn so much).

Because this hafla is also where my ‘dance wife’ Chrissy Mitchell (founder of Badra Tribal) comes from, I was able to do a duet using mainly American Tribal Style moves plus a few combos we planned before the day. we had just 1 quick rehearsal before her tattoo appointment (she comes to get tattoos from my tattoo artist Tom Ruki – who is incredible).

After our rehearsal and rough planning session – the rest was improvised. All I knew was I really wanted to dance to these two pieces of music, and the isolation section that begins at 4mins 16 secs just would not get out of my head. I thank her so much for indulging me.

I got to see my original dance teacher Fulya (Lynne Chapman) and her lovely sister Julie – those two ladies are so wonderful. If it wasn’t for Lynne’s generosity of spirit I never would have flourished as a belly dancer and would probably still have hangups about my body.

Enjoy xxx