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How to be grateful, when you feel you have nothing to be grateful about

Gratitude is such an important state of being. Self help books will often tout that if we can live our lives from a position of gratitude, we can be happier and lead more fulfilling lives.
Today I am sick with a sore throat and am having difficulty swallowing… it hurts… but I *can* do it.

There is a girl who, at the time I write this is 28, who had a brain tumour operated on aged 19years old. She cannot swallow. Just take that in for a moment… She cannot swallow anything, food, drink, nothing…
If she were to try – whatever she was swallowing would go straight into her lungs and not her stomach.
So, she is fed by a tube and cannot enjoy any food.
If you’re a food lover like me, and you get joy from eating; imagine having that taken away from you? Listening to this lady’s story (which I did via the Lively Show Podcast Episode 135 “Facing Life-Changing News with Grace & Gratitude” with Mariana Lopez Gonzalez) made me realise; there is so much to be grateful for with this subject alone;

I am grateful and give gratitude for the warm spicy taste of hot ginger tea

I am grateful and give gratitude for the crisp bite of a hard braeburn apple

I am grateful and give gratitude for the sweet soft yumminess of bananas

I am grateful and give gratitude for mint sauce over home cooked roast potatoes

I am grateful and give gratitude for the taste of good quality coffee with just the right amount of frothy almond milk and salted caramel syrup.

I am grateful and give gratitude for asparagus; lightly steamed and then fried in dairy-free butter & garlic.

I am grateful and give gratitude for thick creamy mash potatoes with veggie gravy.

I am grateful and give gratitude for vegan cheese pizza made with homemade pizza base.

I am grateful and give gratitude for coconut curries with coconut rice …mmmm coconut.


One of the things that Mariana says is; she wishes that she appreciated food a lot more when she could still eat. She urges us to appreciate everything that we DO have now. If you can enjoy food- really savour it and enjoy it, because you literally never know when you won’t be able to eat ever again.
If you’re not being kept alive via a feeding tube…. Make sure your next meal is given special respect and love.

Moving away from food for a moment; think about all the good things you have NOW.

If you feel like you have nothing to be grateful for; what about your working limbs? You eyes that are reading this blog post…..? Imagine if you could no longer see colours, flowers, or kittens? Imagine if you lost your hearing and could no longer hear music.  As a musician this would break me , but on the days I’m feeling like I have nothing to be grateful for; I put on music and bask in the sheer joy of being able to hear it, and I am always moved to tears.

(especially if I use this piece to remind me to be grateful; or this one; – literally tears streaming every time, as soon as the first note is played… I’m gone).

It is never too late to start celebrating life. You don’t need to wait for something bad to happen to you for you to be grateful for what you have…. You also don’t have to wait for “things to get better” before loving what you have now.

Love completely and courageously without thinking twice about it. Just LOVE everything you possibly can, even the bad.

WTF? ….even the bad? – yep…. I love my sore throat. For teaching me a valuable lesson to LOVE my singing voice and my ability to sing and to speak my truth and to say out loud “I love you”. By losing my voice to this throat infection; I am reminded how much I adore being able to use my voice when I can. I am reminded by this bad thing, to LOVE and appreciate my voice as a good thing, and when it comes back to me, I will sing.

I will sing from a place of gratitude and LOVE.

 I love you all little kits xxx