Leaving IT … To Teach Yoga!

This week is my last full week at work in the office. In any office. For the foreseeable future, and hopefully… forever.

I am done.

I’m done sitting in chairs which are really incredibly bad for your posture. If you read this article about posture – I am guilty of most of these. I perch on the edge of my chair and allow my core to hold my back upright – I never use the back rest.

I have never found an office chair I was comfortable in, or a desk that didn’t make me feel sore and achy by the end of the day. The disease of the modern era; sitting in chairs. Dis-ease. It has never been easy for me to slouch or “relax” into a chair.

I realised recently; that I have spent 18 years in offices, trying to follow the advice of the above article, trying to force my body into a shape it was never ever designed to fit into … all the while miserable with the arrangement… but I did it… because… that’s just what you do right? You get up, you go to work, you sit at your desk and you adhere.

My body has been violently letting me know that it wasn’t happy with this arrangement for years. I have the tightest pecs and hamstrings from this posture and even my years and years of dance & yoga practice hasn’t fully sorted me out

*looking at my body* “Me n you kid; we gotta lot of work to do now

So I am leaving. I handed in my notice… and I’m finally getting my yoga instructor qualification.


I can’t wait….