Charity Yoga & Dance Classes

My name is Ferret and I am a yoga teacher and keen fundraiser.
After raising money for Sheffield’s homeless, children with cancer, and refugees… my next charity I’ll be supporting is the snow drop project. 

Combining fundraising with a once in a lifetime trip to climb Kilimanjaro; I am both excited about the trip and petrified at the same time…. 8 days climbing uphill… oooffff…. I’m also recovering from a bunch of health issues so I have already started training for the ascent. 

I need to raise £4000 for the charity (I’ll be paying for my flights and expenses separately myself; this money goes not to me but straight to the charity and Just Giving is the easiest way for them to get gift aid… so… here we go – let’s do this! 4grand in a year…. can we make it? 

I’ll be running a series of dance workshops and yoga classes & workshops and ALL the proceeds will go to this fund.

The next set of workshops are as follows;

8th January ; Belly Dance workshop

A 2 hour workshop of Integrated dance : including a Pilates warm up, Belly dance movement technique drills and clear instruction and finishing with a Yoga cool down. This workshop is designed to be the precursor to either future workshops , or, you joining your first regular class! If you’ve always wanted to try belly dance ; but you’ve felt a little awkward or anxious about attending an established class, this is the workshop for you! I will guide you through the foundation movements and allow time for questions and “stupid questions” (I love those). We all learn differently; so I will aim to provide anatomical knowledge of what muscles you’re using as well as visualisations and sometimes even sound affects! My goal is to leave you feeling like you’ve moved your body well and learnt a lot and have some moves to go home and practice and feel confident coming to future workshops or attending a local class which I can help you find. This workshop is for charity; a local Sheffield charity :the snow drop project and none of the profits will go to the teacher, once the room hire is covered; everything goes to charity. Workshop places are limited and can be booked by emailing ;

any questions at all; send me an email and ask ! Ferret.

22nd January; Heavy Metal Yoga workshop

This workshop kinda does what it says on the tin; Yoga… done to heavy metal.
In this fun and exciting 2 hour workshop we will warm up the body and then experience a dynamic and strong vinyasa flow class with strength training and core workouts built into the flows for an intense full body workout. Then, we switch gears (and playlists!) and in the 2nd hour we’ll go for deep stretches and ease out our hardworking bodies and take a relaxing body scan meditation after having streeeetched everything out.
all to post rock music.
Lovely. Those who remember my 2020 “Power yoga vs Power vinyasa” will know the score! welcome unicorn crew!
except this will be in a nice cosy warm studio! Come and have a laugh whilst working out your body and raising money for charity; Every single penny raised from this workshop goes straight to book, make a £20 donation to
any questions email

A word from the charity themselves; 

“Thank you for supporting this incredible fundraiser and helping to raise essential funds for survivors of trafficking. Every donation will go towards supporting our clients in moving on from their past and building a great future. Thank you so much for your generosity. The Snowdrop Project exists as the government does not fund long term support. In law the UK has signed up to a minimum of 45 day support starting from when someone has been identified as a survivor of trafficking. Although support is often for a longer period in reality, many of those we work with have complex needs and require support and advocacy for many years to help them lead an independent life and to reduce the risk of re-exploitation. Thank you for being a crucial part in this journey.”