Yoga Time!

I blame yoga

Today I spilt an entire aeropress load of coffee on to the counter, the floor and my barefeet. Coffee grounds everywhere, inbetween my toes. I shrugged, thought ‘ah….well that wasnt the plan’ and then calmly cleared up the mess and just carried on making my morning coffee. A year ago an incident like this could… Read More I blame yoga

Life Musings

Meet Hatred with Love

So recently I rather bravely posted about MY feelings on MY life; Here It was a difficult post to hit the ‘update’ button on, as I knew there would ultimately be people who just wouldn’t understand (and when you’ve lived your life listening to an ego brain that tells you ‘you need to worry about… Read More Meet Hatred with Love

Life Musings

Throwing Stones

Last night Paul and I met up for the first time since he helped me move out and then I helped him move out. It seemed only fair for me to help him move into his new home, considering all the help he gave me with some of the heavy lifting of my furniture. After… Read More Throwing Stones