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The Juniper Collective 2018 House & Tribal fusion


2017; Ferret’s solo at Infusion Emporium.

This was a huge moment for me. I remember the first time I went to the Infusion Emporium show back in 2013; I thought “i’ll never be enough to perform on that stage” … and here I am ; on the most iconic stage of the UK’s bellydance community, performing solo. (well… sort of… I had a little help!) to read the story behind this piece click here)

Juniper Project 2017 … the year with all the challenging formation changes and a new stage layout to manage!

Me “just moving to a new song” practice at home;

My dance wife Chrissy & I did an improvised tribal fusion dance to the music from the Halo4 computer game soundtrack & the Skyrim soundtrack. It’s amazing when you don’t see someone for months on end but you can rock a last minute performance together with only a 30min rehearsal;

Ferret’s solo at TFEP (Tribal Fusion Education Program) ‘s gala performance. We spent months taking intensive days and studying with Alexis Southall and then created our solo pieces. I was the first student of TFEP to do a solo with a zill composition (what can I say : I just love any excuse to play my zills!) When I heard this song I just knew I wanted to put finger cymbals to it.

Dancing as one of the Guest Teachers at the Glitterball 2017 awards celebration Hafla:

Merry Christmas everyone! A Xmas themed dance for the Berry Merry Christmas Hafla November 18th 2016;

Juniper Project 2016; … the year with all the finger cymbals!

^This one was so so much fun; some of the most challenging finger cymbals I have ever played.

Sept 2016 ATS residential; and singing Ederlezi

I had a Hafla in August 2016 and did a slow ATS & Fast ATS performance; here they are;

A year after taking part in the Juniper Project I joined the Juniper Collective at the 2015 performance;

and here’s a link to us performing this again at the Birmingham international dance festival;

Birmingham Performance

Juniper Project 2014; one of my proudest moments to date was being a part of the Juniper project as a zill player;

Improvising again… I really liked this piece of music. 

Learning a choreography for once… created by none other than the gorgeous Ashley Lopez of Datura – this was a Datura Online choreography; 

This dance was really fun – massive shame that the beginning where we were all slinky was cut off camera, and suddenly in the middle of the dance – Illan changed the order of something; Catherine Taylor has to suddenly go with it, everyone else seems to be concentrating on what they’re supposed to be doing… and i’m stood laughing at them and thinking – “now I have no idea what we were SUPPOSED to do in that bit!” the joy of doing a workshop, then performing it on stage!


I do alot of “winging it” – dancing tribal fusion style improvised, just bouncing off the energy I find in the audience; 

 One of those rare times when I write a choreography;

I made a really emotional duet with my dance friend Halley; and we danced this at the 2014 Cafe Infusion event. We made everyone cry. It’s such a shame we only have this fuzzy phone footage (but grateful that we do).

Sometimes I like to get out of my ATS head and do some dark fusion belly dance. My partner in crime Chrissy Mitchell & I formed ‘Binary Theory’ and created a choreography to one of my favourite white zombie tracks;


and the students!


Halima Sagira dancing Tribal fusion at The Beltane Hafla / Ferrets Birthday Bash 2014

Halima Sagira dancing ATS Tribal fusion at The Burton Street Foundation Spring Fair 2014

Halima Sagira dancing ATS Tribal fusion at The Bella Shimmy Spring Hafla 2014

Halima Sagira dancing Tribal fusion at The Glitterball Shakedown 2013 (The after party to Infusion Emporium).  My Nickname is ‘Ferret’ and in this video – i’m dancing like one! 

Badra Tribal – Halima Sagira & Chrissy at the “To the Beat of the drum” Hafla.

Dancing Dark Fusion Bellydance at Gothla Open Stage 2013
This dance was a story piece about my journey through learning to dance and wanting to give alot of my energy out to people but experiencing alot of negativity along the way… eventually discovering Tribal style and gaining confidence and self respect, at the end I gather in some of that wasted energy I gave out at the beginning. It was my first solo after a long dance break.

Dancing Slow ATS at the Bella Shimmy Hafla in Sheffield, Oct 2013.

Dancing with Badra Tribal at the Midsummer Nights Hafla in Letchworth.
(I’m the short one who leads the girls out at the beginning) This was my first time dancing with the Badra girls after a year of being away from them. I don’t ever get to rehearse with them so its always a joy to meet up with them in the flesh!


Dancing with Badra Tribal at the Bardic Picnic 2013.
(i’m the one in the green skirt).
I loved this one; Fast ATS, Skirt, Sword & then Slow ATS. The Badra girls make me very happy indeed.

My first Tribal Fusion solo at the Valentines Hafla in Northampton. 
This dance was one I create for my partner called “falling in love” – in the beginning I am feeling lost and unsure and not wanting to open up to anyone and when the music changes this signifies the moment I met my partner and how happy I felt.

My first ever ATS style performance with Badra Tribal student group. This was a skirt performance with some ATS moves and some Badra style combos. Great fun.

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